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26 September 2023
Brussels, Belgium
Horizon Europe Brokerage Event for Cluster 6 - Calls 2024

How does the on-site brokerage event work?

A matchmaking event is a quick and easy way to meet potential cooperation partners. 20 minutes run fast, but they are enough to build first connections before the meeting ends and the next talk starts.

1) Registration | 29.06. - 05.09.23

  • Register via the green button "Register now"
  • Add contact and organisation details as requested
  • You must participate in at least one of the bilateral meeting sessions
  • Select a maximum of 15 different topics under 'Areas of Activity' for which you are looking for cooperation partners or would like to offer your expertise.
  • A meaningful organisation profile in English must be provided under "Organisation Information > Organisation description"
  • Meaningful cooperation profile(s) in English must be created for at least one of the selected topics (see explanation and instructions under next point)

Please note that registration does not automatically guarantee that you will be accepted as a participant. The organisers will check and validate each individual profile and only then admit you to the event. In order to be validated, you must meet the above criteria!

    2) Creation of high-quality cooperation profile(s)

    Your cooperation profile is your online business card. Create a strong research and cooperation profile upon registering to raise your visibility amongst the other participants of the event. Make your profile clear and concise. Your profile should describe who you are, what you can offer potential partners or what expertise you are looking for and who you would like to meet. A good profile will generate significantly more meetings - and it is a precondition for acceptance of your registration. Don't forget your profile will be maintained on the event website and will remain visible for a considerable period even after the event.

    To create/improve your cooperation profiles, please proceed as follows:

    1.         Log into your B2Match account

    2.         Select ‘My profile’ > Overview

    3.         Select ‘Project Cooperation’ under the headline ‘Opportunities’

    4.         Fill in the required information:

      • Please add the topic identifier(s) and  topic title(s) to the title of the cooperation profile(s). You have only 160 characters; titles with more than 160 characters do not get published. Thus, it may make sense to limit the title of your cooperation profile to the topic identifier (e.g. HORIZON-CL6-2024-BIODIV-01-1)
      • Under 'Description' provide a short but informative and topic specific description of the project/technology/expertise you are offering or looking for, present your role in the consortium and specify the type of partner you are looking for,
      • Choose the 'Type of cooperation sought': partner or coordinator.

        3) Request meeting | 06.09. - 19.09.23

        Be active, not reactive. Browse through the published participant profiles and send meeting requests to those who you would like to meet at the event. Adding a meaningful remark as to why you are interested in a meeting with a particular person will increase the chance that your request will be accepted. Please do not forget to regularly check the meeting requests sent to you and accept or reject them! Accepted meeting requests are automatically scheduled well in advance of the event, so you can be prepared for who to meet and when.

          4) Matchmaking Event | 26.09.23

          A few days before the event you will receive an email with your detailed meeting schedule.
          You can also check your meeting schedule online or via the b2match app.

          The event may be followed by a phase of long-term matchmaking, during which you can arrange further virtual meetings.

          Closed since 25 December 2023
          Location Charlemagne building of the European Commission
          Organised by
          Participants 956
          Meetings 700
          Spain 154
          Türkiye 115
          Italy 59
          Romania 58
          Poland 51
          France 48
          Portugal 47
          Belgium 42
          Germany 39
          United Kingdom 25
          Netherlands 25
          Greece 24
          Hungary 23
          Switzerland 20
          Czech Republic 20
          Austria 15
          Albania 14
          Lithuania 13
          Nigeria 11
          Cyprus 11
          Norway 9
          Denmark 9
          Kenya 8
          Ireland 8
          Finland 8
          Estonia 8
          Sweden 8
          Serbia 7
          Ghana 7
          Ethiopia 7
          New Zealand 7
          Slovakia 7
          Ukraine 6
          Iceland 5
          Armenia 3
          North Macedonia 3
          Colombia 3
          Israel 3
          Benin 3
          United States 3
          Latvia 3
          Gambia 3
          Croatia 3
          Bulgaria 2
          Slovenia 2
          Malaysia 2
          Georgia 2
          Azerbaijan 2
          Tunisia 2
          South Africa 2
          Argentina 1
          Mali 1
          Bolivia 1
          Malta 1
          Nepal 1
          Philippines 1
          Guinea-bissau 1
          Dominican Republic 1
          India 1
          Viet Nam 1
          Ecuador 1
          Brazil 1
          Costa Rica 1
          Bosnia And Herzegovina 1
          Jordan 1
          Kazakhstan 1
          Lebanon 1
          Moldova, Republic Of 1
          Morocco 1
          Total 978
          University 273
          Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) 229
          R&D Institution 199
          Consultancy 61
          Large company (Industry) 60
          Association/Agency/Cluster 54
          Other 50
          Authority/Government 39
          National Contact Point (NCP) 13
          Total 978
          Profile views
          Before event 17329
          After event 13375
          Total 30704